What Our Patients Are Saying

Review for Dr. Tarmin & Inna Bardoff, CRNP
Dr. Tarmin and Inna Bardoff, CRNP are the absolute best GI doctors you could ask for!  I am so thankful to have found such good, honest and thorough staff to help me.  They take their time with you, listen to your concerns, answer your questions and help you with your medical needs.  The Glen Burnie Woodholme staff are amazing too!  So professional and helpful.  Thank you Dr. Tarmin and Inna!  If you are looking for good quality GI Doctors look no further!
Jamee S
Review for Dr. Oluyemi
This is my second time around for a colonoscopy with Dr. Oluyemi. She and the staff in Westminster are very personal and professional.
Paul Matthews
Review for Dr. Epstein
Dr Epstein is the BEST doctor anyone could ask for! He's smart, thorough and genuinely cares about his patients. SO glad my niece recommended him to me! Thank you!
Barbara F Fox
Review for Dr. Onwueme
Dr. Onwueme is a new physician for me. I needed to have my screening colonoscopy performed, and he was recommended by my niece a nurse at BWMC. When I called his office to schedule, his staff informed me that I would need to have a visit prior to the procedure. This surprised me a little since the last two GI docs I had seen merely scheduled me for the procedure without even meeting me and only have me complete a medical history and return it to their office. This made me feel a little better since I would be able to ask any questions beforehand. At the office visit, Dr. Onwueme reviewed my medical history and did indeed, do a clinical assessment of my heart, lungs and belly. He also reviewed all the possible complications of a colonoscopy which in the past it had only been given to me in print on the day of the procedure. He reviewed the medications I am taking and gave explicit instructions so that I would temporarily stop taking my anticoagulant. Dr. Onwueme's assistant scheduled me for my procedure which was only a short time away. When I left the office, I received a printed set of instructions and was told that the prescription was being called into my pharmacy. My procedure was done at BWMC because of my insurance. The day of the procedure everything went smoothly. Before I was put to sleep, Dr. Onwueme came into the room, greeted me and asked again if I had any questions. I had no questions, things moved forward and before I knew it, I was told the initial findings with a promise I would be receiving a letter with the results of the biopsy and recommendation for my next screening. As promised I received the letter in 5 days. I won't be looking for a new GI doc because I am more than happy with Dr. Onwueme, his staff and the experience at BWMC.
Lois Friia
Review for Dr. Le and Zeev Nemirovsky, CRNP
Both Dr. Le and Zeev Nemirovsky, CRNP are very attentive and caring and take the time to listen to all of your concerns
Kate Ledbetter
Review for Dr. Le
This was my 3rd colonoscopy with Dr. Le in the Glen Burnie office.  Everyone is professional and friendly and willing to answer any questions that you may have.
Lisa G