Woodholme Gastroenterology Associates – all locations

Using SecureVideo and Zoom – you are able to have a private medical consultation with your provider. This service is open to both new and existing patients.  Patients are asked to download the Zoom app on either their phone or their computer. They will receive a message with a log in number and a reminder to enter the providers waiting room. This notifies the provider that the patient is ready for the visit.

Phone: 410.602.7782 or 410.863.4899
Fax: 410.609.9963 or 443-873-2454

Physicians & Staff at this location:
Edward Wolf, MD
Todd Heller, MD
Loc Le, MD
Lila Tarmin, MD
Michael Siuta, MD
Ernest Tsao, MD
Steven Epstein, MD
Eric Blum, MD
Elliot Schwarzenberger, MD
Kenolisa Onwueme, MD
Arjun Vaid, MD
Calvin Parker III, MD
Howard Jeffrey Schwartz, MD
Aminat Oluyemi, MD
Damodar Pandey, MD
Agazi Gebreselassie, MD

CRNP’s and PA’s
Denese Gaughan, CRNP
James Shaffer, PA-C
Chrisina Fang, CRNP
Inna Bardoff, CRNP
Moncheri Adebayo, CRNP
Zeev Nemirovsky, CRNP
Marie Hoffman PA-C
Jocelyn Niemkiewicz PA-C
Cherish Hannah, PA-C
Sarah Moffett, CRNP