What Our Patients Are Saying

Review for Dr. Onwueme
Dr. Onwueme was very easy to talk to and took his time to explain the procedure before and after. He made me feel relaxed, because I was very stressed.  He is awesome!  I have recommended him to several friends and co-workers.
Robin J Fisher-Hammond
Review for Dr. Vaid
I started seeing Dr. Vaid because my wife would speak about how nice and reassuring he is. I found out first hand how professional and nice he and all his staff really are; from my consultation visit to my procedure, I was given the very best professional treatment.
David Smith
Review for Dr. Tarmin
I really like Dr. Tarmin.  She was knowledgeable and thorough with my problem.  She immediately took the appropriate steps to figure out my stomach problem.  I feel so much better now!  I also appreciated her advice on my other health issues and her humor as well.
Review for Dr. Calvin Parker III
My consultantion was today.  I left with all my questions answered. Dr. Parker was attentive to my concerns and fears.  He explained the procedure (good and bad).  I love the fact the procedure will be held in the same building and not resourced out to another place.  After my consultation, Dr. Parker informed his front Nurse/staff and they set the appointment same day.  Very nice and attentive from Office 400 to sitting in front of the Doctor to ending my visit with his Nurses.  Thank you much. Best, Janette
Review for Dr. Le
Dr. Le is an awesome doctor.  I was very happy with his care.  Dr. Le is very professional and has a great bedside manner.  He discovered my problem and prescribed me the best medicine which gave me quick results.  I am very satisfied with the attenion and care that I have rceived from Dr. Le and staff.
Crystal Goodman
Review for Dr. Keno Onwueme
My total experience was awesome. The check in clerks were completely understanding when I shared that I left my ID and insurance card at home (provided it later). Dr. Onwueme was obviously on top of his game and very thorough. Most importantly, he spoke with complete candor. I really appreciated that more than anything. I'd recommend him any day to anyone with unresolved GI issues.
T. Andre Yancy