What Our Patients Are Saying

Review for Dr. Loc Le
I just wanted to say I was so very blessed by Dr. Le and all the great people who work for and with him. They made me feel like everything will be ok.  Their kindness and helpfulness from the very first day I called and talked with Danielle I could tell I was blessed. She did whatever she could to help me, not one time but every time.  She is a true blessing.   I truly believe all the people who work for him are great. They all are the best.  Everyone who helped me the day of the testing, the young lady in billing, the young lady who helped me with my meds.  The two women and the young man who help me in the Sykesville office are wonderful.  I also just wanted to say I am truly blessed to have Dr. Me as my Doctor he is truly one of the best.  I have been sharing his card with many people.  May God truly bless you all, may all your prayers and dreams to come true today and always.   You all being a very special blessing to me and so many others.  Thanks again!  Ms. Kira A. Dorsey
Kira A Dorsey
Review for Dr. Lila Tarmin
I am very pleased with the care I have received from Dr. Tarmin.  She is thorough, follows up, consults with other physicians when needed, has advocated on my behalf, and taken time to thoroughly explain my condition to me.  She has even called me at home.
Review for Dr. Heller and Co.
Absolutely fantastic team here at Woodholme GI.  Having never been through anything like this before now, I was completely uncertain of anything and anyone.  Dr. Heller was able to put ease on my mind, while the nurses and techs were super amazing.  I’m not sure how they could all be so friendly with all the stuff they have to do, but I’m thankful.  I went in to my procedures with my nerves all over the place. Everyone was able to put me at ease and it was over before I knew it was about to begin!  I woke up with no sore throat, and I feel fantastic.  We were able to discover some things that may be the root of my problems.  I believe someone is watching out for me and made sure I got in to see these folks.
Anthony Patnode
Review for Dr. Schwartzenberger
Staff was professional. Visit was timely. Very efficient.
Tammy Montague
Review for Dr. Wolf
This was my first colonoscopy and everyone at Woodholme put me at ease,  from the initial consultation with Dr. Wolf to the questions & concerns I posed to the receptionist, to the staff that tended to me during my procedure.  I would highly recommend this center and Dr. Wolf for anyone in need of your services.  I thank you, sincerely, for making this a comfortable, and non-stressful experience.  Everyone was fantastic.
Linda Moreland
Review for Dr. Parker
Thank you Dr. Parker and staff for a prompt and seamless procedure.  Your kindness and professionalism is greatly appreciated.
Aysha Collins